Decowall by Lumigraf™, as the name suggests, is a new line of decorative panels that are specifically designed for walls and vertical applications. Easier to install than standard Lumigraf™ acrylic or polycarbonate resin panels, these products are made of a 20 mil. thick polycarbonate laminated decorative surface mounted onto a high grade medium-density fiberboard (commonly known as MDF) substrate. These new products are designed by a mechanical process of lamination and hand-assembled by our workshop specialists.

They are perfect for:

  • Decorative wall cladding
  • Bar or reception counter fronts
  • Column surfacing
  • Any other vertical surfacing applications

Decowall panels main features:

  • Without any acrylic or polycarbonate resin substrate
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Easy to install with common paneling hardware and adhesives
  • Easy to cut using a table saw equipped with a finishing blade (at least 80 teeth).
  • Durable and resistant: requires minimal maintenance. More resistant than panels made by direct printing.
  • Choice of 2 types of finishes: Glossy or Low-Gloss
  • Available with most patterns from existing Lumigraf ™ collections as well as with metallized effects from our Reflexions, Galvanized, Rainbow and Crystallized collections and Mother-of-Pearl effect in option.
  • Available with personalized custom imaging in option. You only have to supply the graphic file (specifications will be provided on request) and Lumigraf™ graphic design team will take care of the rest.

Standard sheet sizes: 4’ x 8’* (1220mm x 2440mm)*
4’ x 4’* (1220mm x 1220mm)
2’ x 4’ (610mm x 1220mm)

Thickness: 1/4” (6mm) – standard **

*Except for patterns from the Reflexions collection – 37’’ x 8’ (940mm x 2440mm), 37’’ x 4’ (940mm x 1220mm)

**Other sizes and thicknesses may be available upon request.
Contact our customer service for details

      (Zulu Silver)

      (Antique Oxid